Mortal Life/Death Choice Points

This story actually happened to me. I’d like to share it here with you. This story is about “choice points”, about dealing with them, and a couple of indicators to look for when you get a “choice”, you reach a “choice point” in your life.

Circa 1980 I had, once again, decided enough of the corporate world. My bank account equaled my credit card debt but what the hell, I had money in my pocket. But what to do? I went to a psychic. She seemed to only be concerned that my sliver thread (her perception) was getting very thin – translation; I wasn’t going to be around long. She thought I should stay.

I went to a metaphysical bookstore and asked the owner about palmistry. Told him the puffs at the base of my fingers on my palms had all gone flat. He just said I was in for a big change. Well, of course, I had decided to leave San Francisco.

In preparation for my adventure I decided to drive to Taos, NM where I hoped to write the Great American SciFi Novel. Early afternoon, doing about 75mph on eight lane I80 near Sacramento I heard screeching tires. Glancing at the cars around me I didn’t see any cause. I checked the rear view mirror and saw everyone driving about 75. Heard the screeching again. Decided I should check in so I slipped into a functional altered state to see what might be happening on another plane.

There was my car wrapped around a pole. There was a Highway Patrol car, with siren and flashing light bar, driving down the median between the East and West bound lanes. My first, and perhaps only, thought was if I’m not on a multi-lane highway I won’t crash. My next conscious aware thought was “how did I get here?” as I was stopped by road repair equipment on a two-lane road going around Lake Tahoe. I had/have no idea how much time had passed. I don’t know if I teleported or if there was a connecting road – I never had the courage to investigate.

I decided to spend the night in Tahoe. Maybe someone wanted me to add to my bank account via one of the casinos. Wrong. Next day I drove on to Taos. The entire route was on two lane highway.

A few weeks later, after I moved to Taos, I went to a acupuncturist. He said most of my organs were in the process of shutting down. After several visits he got them running again. I spent the next ten months in Taos undergoing a Jungian individuation process which I only learned about later. A few years later, when I was again in Taos, I called the acupuncturist’s office for an appointment and was told he only deals with terminal patients.

The puffs on my palms returned but only 3 on each hand; previously there had been 4. Don’t know if that means anything.

Some 17 years later I had a second choice point – a heart attack while traveling alone in Southern France in search of a place to be. I survived and somewhat recovered thanks to friends in the US. My third choice point was less precise. I was due to die sometime around 2007 but met my future wife in Germany. I’m told that my next point is a few years away. We’ll see what happens.

I hope my little story generates an awareness that you do have choices. Pay attention. I’ve been told that suicide is a dumb choice with consequences – I’m not sure, nor am I interested. INJOY

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