Information and Change

Recently a friend was commenting on the lack of new information coming from channelers and other spokespersons for the metaphysical/spiritual planes.  After a bit of thought from my limited point of view I decided to make the following my first post.

Hope seems to be a primary purpose of spirit entities providing info to the channelers. Without a frequent infusion of hope many of us wouldn’t survive the constant media blows of confusion and fear. We hope for change in whatever form – “things will be better soon”, ascension, 5D, whatever. We hope for manifestation of personal and collective desires; winning lottery numbers, a new relationship, whatever. We hope…

There appear to be two other primary purposes of channeling: 1) connection to, awareness of the conscious Universe, and 2) the evolution (growth) of our mortal minds to prepare us for future roles in the conscious Universe. I’m relatively certain that sometimes the information is part of a project they are conducting with us as the test subjects. But whatever the purpose(s) it depends on communication. And, I’m told that communication is about to change.

Or at least the form is about to change. Apparently much of metaphysical communication has been quark packages. That experiment is about to conclude. The conscious Universe will return to flows of information in preparation for a new experiment. It is like changing the word ‘enjoy’ to ‘injoy’. One is separation, one is direct participation. Information about the new experiment is beyond my current perceptive ability. What I am told is that we are to sharpen, refine our abilities to perceive. All the information will be in the flows but we can only access that which we can perceive

This change will supposedly reach our area of the Universe between July 16 and 19. Previous frequency shifts sent from this star group don’t seem to have immediately effected the human collective. I’m told the impact of this shift may reach beyond the highly sensitive. We’ll see, or perceive with hope. INJOY


2 thoughts on “Information and Change

  1. Reblogged this on Universal Transformation and commented:
    This post refers to a “frequency shift” around July 16 – 17 which fits with the recent info I was given just yesterday by my Guides.
    In my last post “what’s going on” I was talking about an increase of pressure and felt urgency from my Guides to “tune in” more and spend more time meditating as I am being prepared for yet another “event” = energetic shift …which supposedly also affects us humans. Well, the timeframe I was given fits pretty well with the ones given here, perhaps just a bit earlier, but definitely towards the next weekend. No matter when the energy flows commence…if we are tuned in, we’ll feel the nudges when it is time to sit quietly and open up to experience the shift. I am sure if your Spirit Guides consider this shift important for you, they’ll make the provisions for you to do so, so if you are busy with mortal life issues during that time, don’t worry because part of you can be tuned in, will be tuned in and experience what’s happening. More on that another time…. So here is the post about info and change


  2. My Spirit Guides have been pressuring me to do meditations to help them access and prepare me for this shift. Really curious what it will be about! I’d love to hear more about what you are getting!


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